Welcome To My Friend's Place

My Friend's Place is a social activity program for people coping with memory loss, dementia or who are socially isolated. It is our mission to provide adults a safe, supportive and friendly environment that offers life-enriching social and recreational activities along with respite for their caregivers.

What's going on at My Friend's Place?

What We Offer Caregivers

Some time away from the constant care and responsibility of a frail or confused older family member

Support and education to help you deal with the changes in your life and the life of the one you care for

Assistance so that you can continue to care for your loved one

"A Life"
A break to do something nice for yourself, knowing your loved one is in a safe, warm and in a caring place:
- Do your weekly shopping
- See a friend and have lunch
- Take a nap
- Run errands
- Schedule appointments
- Visit a museum
- Plan time for leisure

What We Offer Participants

• Attain a feeling of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
• Reduce isolation -- Being with others lessens feelings of loneliness
• Make new friends and socialize with peers
• Delay or prevent nursing home placement
• Express themselves, laugh and have fun
• Sleep better -- Daytime activities enable participants to rest more easily at night
• Get physically active and more fit -- Exercise, walks and outings help keep muscles and bones limber and strong
• Safety, security, and supervision -- just like home
• Refreshments and snacks
• A change of scenery

Memory Loss Day Care in Bangor, Maine | Memory Loss Support Program in Bangor, Maine | Proactive Memory Loss Program in Bangor, Maine

Supported by the Ministry of the First United Methodist Church, Bangor Maine

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