Memory Joggers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will benefit from the MFP Program?

A family member who:

  • is isolated and lonely
  • is depressed and could be helped by social interaction
  • is exhibiting confusion or disorientation
  • requires minimal to moderate supervision to ensure his/her safety

What are the program features?

  • A ratio of one staff or volunteer to every two participants
  • Emphasis on building and promoting a participant’s strengths
  • Personal attention when needed
  • Adult-oriented, themed activities
  • Crafts and games
  • Group interaction
  • Refreshments and snacks

When does the program run?

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where is the program located?

In the Fireside Room at First United Methodist Church, Essex Street, Bangor.

Why consider the MFP Program?

Studies have shown that those who participate in a formal program are generally able to remain in the community longer than those who do not. Our goal is to provide socialization, friendship and a sense of belonging. In addition, we offer individual time tailored to each member’s preferences.

How do I enroll someone in the program?

Both caregivers and participants visit My Friend’s Place and meet with the Director in order to understand and become comfortable with the program. The program is open to the public.

Is food provided throughout the day?

Participants should bring a bag lunch with them unless otherwise notified. (Sometimes we enjoy special theme meals!) Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Is transportation available?

Contact Eastern Agency on Aging for transportation options at 207-941-2865

Do volunteers undergo training?

Under the supervision of professional staff, our volunteers are caring and concerned individuals who are carefully selected and trained.

Are there any fees associated with the program?

Our charge is $40.00 per day. How do the costs for Adult Day Services compare to costs for Assisted Living or Nursing Homes? Adult Day Services cost much less, since they provide only the services required by the participant to remain in their home. Information about partial scholarships and sources of financial assistance is available.

From where does My Friend’s Place receive funding?

We are a nonprofit, licensed organization funded by participants’ fees, grants and donations, and in-kind support from the First United Methodist Church.