Memory Joggers

About Memory Joggers

Memory Joggers is an early memory loss (EML) program. While funding for and supporting research to find an end to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia is very important, something must be done for those living with memory loss at this point in time. The concept and design of EML programs are a direct effort to increase support, resources, and programming tailored to meet the needs and skills of someone feeling like they are having some changes in their memory. Currently there are only 50 EML programs in the country and Memory Joggers continues to be the sole EML program in the state of Maine!

This is a Proactive approach to memory loss.

The activities in the program are specific to elements that support healthy aging, increased quality of life, and stimulation of the mind. Our day includes socialization, memory activities, physical exercise and fun! There is a new theme explored every week.

Memory Joggers is held every Wednesday from 10am – 2pm.
Participants bring their lunch; snacks and beverage are provided.


“The program has turned my attention to the problem and given me some techniques to improve the working of my memory.”

– Former Participant

“I feel very comfortable with the group and feel open about discussing problems.”

-Former Participant

“We are very happy and grateful with the quality of care, involvement and creativity of the staff. They are top quality.”

-Family Member of Current Participant

Memory Joggers help me…”Be more willing to publicly cope with memory loss. It helps with talking with family, friends and strangers, because I have more confidence in being able to deal with memory glitches.”

-Current Participant

“The group is very helpful in accepting each other and enjoying each other.”

-Current Participant