Memory Joggers

Frequently Asked Questions – Memory Joggers

What is Memory Joggers?

Memory Joggers is a social program that offers a stimulating and supportive atmosphere in which to enjoy physical, social and educational activities aimed at memory enhancement.

What is a typical day at Memory Joggers like?

Social Time, Homework review, Description of the day’s activities

Memory Activities
Brain Teasers, Games, Puzzles

Fall Prevention Exercises including Tai Chi

Brown Bag Lunch

memory tips, Wellness series

Review day’s activities, Homework handout

Who is Memory Joggers For?

People who have early memory loss to to mild cognitive impairment, early Alzheimer’s disease, or other related disorder and are seeking strategies to strengthen memory.

When does Memory Joggers take place?

The Memory Joggers program runs on Wednesdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm

Where is memory Joggers located?

The Memory Joggers program is held at the First United Methodist Church at 703 Essex St. in Bangor, Maine.

What is the cost for the Program?

Our fee is $35.00 per day which includes all program materials.  For more information please Contact Dottie England, Director at (207) 945-0122.